The Anthony Robins Guide To FRESHDESK VS. FRESHSERVICE – 2019

The Anthony Robins Guide To FRESHDESK vs freshservice.The Anthony Robins Guide To FRESHDESK ,Freshservice is the sister product of Freshdesk and both of these solutions have spearheaded help desk industry. These solid customer care solutions can help to serve different requirements. Both of these solutions are not flawless, yet they are good enough to serve your help desk services. Gaining good idea about pricing, intended users and features would help you in making the final decision process. Let us explore together about the potential of these solutions.

The Anthony Robins Guide To FRESHDESK vs freshservice

The Anthony Robins Guide To FRESHDESK vs freshservice,This is one such features where Freshdesk scores above Freshservice and supports agent collision detection feature. User could view ticket status and manage ticket properties effortlessly. Features like canned responses, keyboard shortcuts and ticket merging work in favour for Freshdesk helpdesk solution. It also offers slew of bulk actions like categorizing, assigning and deleting tickets at the drop of a hat. Freshdesk goes smart with “suggested solutions” feature as it offers solutions on the basis of keywords in the ticket. Agent collision detection feature enables user to find out who else is working on the ticket. Shared inbox enables your group to work hand-in-hand and fix problems effortlessly.

The Anthony Robins Guide To FRESHDESK ,Freshservice brings to table simple and efficient ticket management system and offers good insight into ticket status, recent activities, assigned tasks and the like. It also supports canned response feature which helps to send quick and consistent replies to common queries with the aid of its pre-formatted answer section. Incidents are logged in a chronological manner which facilitates easy ticket management.

User could effortlessly navigate through database to check if there is any similar incidents logged in the past and take appropriate remedial measures. At the heart of Problem Management lies root cause analysis which helps to identify the impact and symptoms of the problem mentioned. Smart automation solution for problem management takes Freshservice to an all new level. It is also a competent tool that helps to cater well to your CR management services. 

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