Want To Step Up Your ASSISTANCE THROUGH ,State Law Rules on Liability — Vehicle Title, Generally, state charity officials recommend that the donor take responsibility for transfer of title to ensure termination of liability for the vehicle. In most states, this involves filing a form with the state motor vehicle department which states that the vehicle has been donated. Before donating the vehicle, you should remove the license plates, unless state law requires otherwise.

This may help you avoid any liability problems after the vehicle is transferred. 8 Assistance Through the Charity, Through State Officials, and Through the IRS, Charity Assistance, A charity must make available for public inspection its application for tax exemption, its determination letter, and its most recent annual information returns (Forms 990). A charity also must provide copies of these documents upon request (unless it makes the documents widely available).


A charity may not charge you for inspecting the documents, but it may charge a reasonable fee for copying and mailing the documents. Note: Certain charities, including churches, synagogues, and mosques, are not required to file exemption applications and annual information returns. State Charity Official Assistance, Many states require charities that solicit contributions to register and file certain documents with a state charity regulator, such as the state attorney general or the secretary of state.

Most charities must file in their state of incorporation and in other states where they have activities. Many of the state charity officials provide useful information about charities and fundraisers on Web sites and in brochures and publications. A listing of state charity offices is available through the National Association of State Charity Officials at www.nasconet.org. A listing of state attorneys general is available through the National Association of Attorneys General at www.naag.org.

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